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Thumps Elephant Mug

Thumps Elephant Mug

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Calm and gentle, Thumps the Elephant Mug comes waltzing to you in 3 sizes to match your thirst!

(Approx dimensions)


18oz/540ml, 9 cm (h) x 17 cm (l) x 12 cm (diam), 400g


12oz/360ml, 8 cm (h) x 15 cm (l) x 10 cm (diam), 300g


5oz/150ml, 6 cm (h) x 11 cm (l) x 7.5 cm (diam), 150g

Shipping & Pickups

Orders are usually processed in 5-7 days.

For those in Montreal who would like to pick up their orders at the studio, choose Local Pickup at checkout.

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Care Instructions

All my pieces are dishwasher and microwave safe, and I use only 100% food-safe materials in my glaze mixes. Spiked and tentacled pieces are especially fragile so please handle them with care!

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