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Happy Dragon Year Greeting Card by Paper & Rice Co. - Raffle Ticket

Happy Dragon Year Greeting Card by Paper & Rice Co. - Raffle Ticket

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"The dragon is the only zodiac that can walk on land, swim across oceans, fly through the skies, and travel between dimensions. It appears at critical moments and is here to shepherd us through periods of deep transformation."

Greeting card by Paper and Rice Co.!

Purchasing a postcard will enter you into a raffle for prizes that have been generously donated by various artists! Winners will be announced on March 2nd.

Price includes shipping and taxes, all the rest will go to funds for Montreal Palestinian Youth Movement, e-sims, and various GoFundMe campaigns, meticulously collected by Operation Olive branch here:

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Care Instructions

All my pieces are dishwasher and microwave safe, and I use only 100% food-safe materials in my glaze mixes. Spiked and tentacled pieces are especially fragile so please handle them with care!

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